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Foodplement is a highly palatable protein supplement that improves the nutrient profile of food for dogs and cats. Its formula is based on a protein source (55% minimum) with high quality and digestibility (95%) .

Benefits of Foodplement:

-Improves the palatability of homemade and commercial foods.


-Reduces the risk of injuries.


-Improves digestive function.


-Stimulates the immune system.


-Provides amino acids and proteins of high biological value.


-Improves mood.


-Improves coat, nails, teeth, cartilage and skeleton.


-Improves the amino acid profile of commercial and homemade diets.


Foodplement applications:

-Optimizes nutrient intake in healthy and diseased animals.


-Females in pregnancy and lactation.


-Growing puppies.


-Adult and convalescent animals.


-Situations of metabolic disease.


-Cachectic animals.


-Animals that are in pre and post surgery.


-Animals with chronic diseases (cancer and others).


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